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What's the Cost of Movers in Anchorage?

You may have seen or heard ads from our competitors stating that they charge their customers by the hour rather than by the pound in order to save their customers money. Of course, what they don’t mention is that charging hourly rates for local moving services is a standard industry practice. Alaska Terminals also charges customers by the hour for local moving services as a standard practice. We also do so without adding hidden “service charge fees” or “fuel fees” which some movers attempt to tack on to their prices. But regardless of phrasing, should price really be the most important factor when deciding who is going to be entering your home and handling your possessions? After all, there are some potential risks with hiring low cost movers.

Potential Risks

There are some potential risks that you can incur by hiring low rate movers; the risk of property damage, home damage, or even theft. Although we at Alaska Terminals try hard to offer a high level of service, even established and reputable movers will have the occasional home damage or property damage. Most customers realize that this can happen on occasion with even the best movers. What is more worrying for consumers is the potential for theft.

These risks can be mitigated by ensuring that your mover is reputable and follows some basic quality control procedures. Here are some of the things that we do at Alaska Terminals to provide superior service:

We Background Check Every One of Our Movers

A moving company’s reputation is built and potentially destroyed based on the quality of their movers. Smaller fly-by-night operations may hire someone off the street to help carry a dresser for a fair wage, but is there any protection for the homeowner in this instance? Should customers trust this person in their home packing and moving their belongings?

We at Alaska Terminals background check each our employees as a term of their employment. Because of our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines, these background check standards are quite high. This means that each of our movers have been vetted for criminal offenses. Don’t trust just any mover in your home! Ask your moving company what their background check procedures are before finalizing your booking!

We Employ Movers with Years of Experience

We at Alaska Terminals realize that our movers are our most valuable asset. We try to offer a working environment that includes compensation and working conditions to represent that level of respect. We offer health and retirement benefits to our movers as part of their compensation. As a result we have sons and grandsons of former employees that have followed in their parents’ footsteps in working for Alaska Terminals. We also have movers that have worked for us for nearly twenty years. Ask your moving company about the experience of their movers!

We Have Secure Facilities

If you were to Google addresses of some movers and look at the street view, you may find that their home base consists of a back alley parking lot. If your move is to require multiple days do you really want your items sitting in the back of a box truck in a parking lot? Furthermore, you can surely gauge the professionalism and capabilities of your mover by taking a look at their facility.

We have a 20,000 square foot climate controlled and secure warehouse to store your goods should you need it. Research your mover’s physical location!

We Are Affiliated With a Major Van Line

Although a van line affiliation may imply that we are a large corporate entity, Alaska Terminals is actually a locally owned and operated business. Our affiliation with a major van line strengthens our global network while also ensuring that we meet certain standards of quality. We have hiring requirements, training requirements, equipment requirements, and facility requirements that help us offer a high end service at competitive prices. In the end, our customers win!

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