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Moving Season is Here in Alaska!

Every year, Alaskans hibernate through the winter months waiting out the dark and sometimes frigid winter. Some stay busy snowmachining, skiing, or riding the new fat tire bikes that we see dotting our snowy sidewalks. Others are lucky enough to vacation to warmer destinations for some much needed sunshine and relaxation.

But with the spring thaw comes a new burst of energy that brings everyone out of their homes for adventure. This is when locals typically venture to their favorite campgrounds or fishing holes while cruise ships bring a constant flow of new tourists hoping to see some of Alaska’s spectacular beauty.

For the moving and storage industry, this is also our most busy season. As the school year nears its end our business picks up with those looking to relocate to or from Alaska. Nearly fifty percent of our yearly moves begin between the months of May, June, July, and August. You can see the rhythmic pattern of search traffic for move related searches with Google from January of 2011 to July of 2015:

"Data Source: Google Trends ("

Each year without fail we see the seasonal wave of business crest in July and August. Luckily for us, the long summer hours provide us with plenty of time to accommodate all of our customers with top notch moving services. As the sun hangs in the air in the late afternoon, you can often see our movers hard at work packing up customers that are leaving us, or welcoming some new Alaskan into their home.

If you are anyone you know is planning a move this summer, whether across town or across the globe, please keep Alaska Terminals in mind. We offer by-the-pound moving services for long distance moves, as well as hourly services for local moves, even during our busy moving season.

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