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Moving Season is Upon Us

We are just weeks away from school letting out which means that moving season is upon us. Most families prefer to wait until their children are out of school in order to make moving an easier transition for their family. For us movers, this means that our business really picks up during the summer months. We typically see 35-40% of our traffic during the months of May, June, and July. This increase in traffic applies to all of the different types of moves that we perform including COD moves, government moves, military moves, commercial moves and local moves. This increase in business means long hours for our movers, and longer lead times for scheduling.

We try hard to accommodate our customer’s schedules during these busy months but it is best to give ample notice of your prospective move dates. If you are planning to move during these summer months you should expect the earliest availability to be about two weeks out. This is especially the case for interstate moves from Alaska. The reason for our schedule constraints is not due to equipment or traffic capacity. Instead, the reason for the full schedule is that we have very high expectations for our movers and the service that they provide. We at Alaska Terminals are not willing to hire untrained laborers with no experience en masse to staff up for the summer season. We employ and train thoroughly vetted movers in order to ensure that the quality of service provided is up to our high standards. We intend to employ each of our movers long term and do not hire for short temporary work.

Our adherence to high quality standards ensure that our customers have a good moving experience, that their goods arrive undamaged, and finally that our customers can trust our movers in their homes with their most valuable possessions.. Call Alaska Terminals today to schedule your move!


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