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Safte and secure Storage

Moving often comes with a need for storage. Maybe you have to de-clutter a home before putting it up for sale. Maybe you are taking temporary residence until your new home is ready for occupancy. Maybe you just haven't figured out what to do with your worldly possessions and need long term storage. In any case, Mitchell Moving and Storage is the company that can provide you with the storage options that are right for you. Whether your storage needs are in the Pacific Northwest or around the globe, we can help.

Benefits of storage with Mitchell Moving and Storage

Simplified and affordable storage options

One-stop shop for moving and storage (less handling)

24/7 security

Vaulted storage (safe and secure)

Climate controlled storage

Background and drug-screened employees

Upon completion of a survey, we will provide you with a personalized written moving estimate of the costs for all services associated with your move.  Mitchell Moving & Storage will work within your relocation budget and can provide basic or full moving services.  Please request an estimate today and you will hear back from one of our Moving Specialists to assist you in the moving process.

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